Un contact agréable et le patron sur le terrain: nos atouts à votre service.

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A perfect quality

I guarantee a first quality service:

  • I make out myself your free estimate
  • I have more than a 30 years experience
  • I use a good quality professional equipment
  • I work myself on the ground
  • I'm there from the beginning till the end

A price without any surprise

I guarantee a price:

  • without any surprise due to my free estimate
  • totally affordable
  • all included!

A personalized service

The services I offer are:

  • a free estimate
  • the packing of your personal effects
  • the supply of packing boxes
  • the dismantling and the assembly of your furniture
  • the booking of road-signs by the police
  • a lift service
  • a personal attention to your moving
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